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Adorable Kids Dress-Up - Specializing in ballet dresses, leotards, skirts, capes, and accessories. Photos, description, and company information.

Alen Products and Design - Dress costumes for children and adults, as well as kid's furniture. UK site delivers internationally.

Caped Crusaders - Offers make believe costumes, like princesses, faeries, kings, knights, and superheroes.

Cate's Children's Costumes - Handmade to individual size and specifications. Australia based site offers photos, description, customer comments, and ordering information.

Charlie Crow Costumes - Animals, historical, fantasy, and holidays. Features photos, description, washing instructions, ordering information, and party ideas.

Costume Crazy for Kids - Costumes and accessories, including witches, wizards, cowboys, indians, musketeers, and brides.

Fancy Costumes - Costumes and accessories, including historical, geographical, and faery tales. Also features patterns and instructions for making the costumes.

Hopscotch - Costumes, animal hats, shoes, and accessories. Fantasy, historical, geographical, and occupations. Photos, description, and ordering information.

Kid Costumes - Offers costumes, accessories, and dress up trunks. Includes fairy tales, animal, ballerinas, and historical.

Miss Em - Historical, story book, party packs, and custom designs.

Pretendware Clothing - Animal, fantasy, and vests. Photos, descriptions, and ordering information. Ships to USA and Canada.

Tikka Books - Preview designs from the book Illegally Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids. Includes one pattern.


Clothing Industry

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