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Aladdin’s Cave Belly Dancing Costumes - Belly dance costume vendor based in the United Kingdom. Online catalogue of Arabic and Egyptian dance costumes; hip scarves, skirts, veils, jewelry, videos, music and a wide range of other supplies.

Aliah's Closet - Online catalog of belly dance and Middle Eastern costumes and jewelry.

Amera's Palace

Artemis Imports - Tribal and cabaret costumes and supplies; jewelry, music & videos, and books.

Asia Minor Imports Belly Dance - Sells belly dance costumes and music, Rom/Gypsy music, finger cymbals, and Turkish spoons. Also includes a glossary with some music terms, instructions on costume fitting, and costume care.

Beaded Jewels - Specializing in handcrafted custom made belly dancing accessories. Canada based.

Belly Dance! Dayton, Ohio - Belly Dance events, seminars, workshops, classes, Inama Music.

Belly Dancing Bazaar - Online catalog of professional-quality belly dance costumes handmade in the Middle East.

Bellydance: Meleea - Costumes, Books, and CDs for sale. - Offering costumes in out-of-the-ordinary sizes and prices. Cup sizes from A/AA to D/DD. Complete outfits available. - Online catalog of belly dance costumes and accessories.

Bellydancing Costume Goddess - Sells bellydance costume how-to booklets and includes an online photo gallery.

Bohemian Market - Middle Eastern dance supplies, Spanish dance accents, Polynesian trinkets, Renaissance reenactment costume items, music, and art. On line catalog and ordering information.

Books by Dawn Devine Brown - Official web site for the books Costuming from the Hip and From Turban to Toe Ring.

Cost Less Belly Dance Costumes - Hand-made coin, mirror, and crystal Belly Dance costumes.

Finger Cymbals (Zills) by Elcoyote Enterprises - Site sells hand made finger cymbals designed by Sulyman of the Middle Eastern musical ensemble Sirocco.

Ganesha Bazaar: Bellydance & Gypsy Clothes - Belly dance & tribal costumes & jewelry. Clothing for dance class, practice, performances, and casual wear.

Ghazala: Directory of Middle Eastern Dance in the UK - Describes Ghazala, a directory of all aspects of Middle Eastern dance and dancers in the UK.

Habibi Magazine - The official web site for Habibi Magazine, an international journal for Middle Eastern dance and arts. Feature articles, reviews, news, directory, calendar, display ads.

Hanezebs Middle Eastern Dance Supplies - Sells Egyptian and Turkish belly dance costumes, jewelry, and fringe. Intensive graphics including many animations--allow a long time for every page to load.

Isis Imports - Costumes and costuming supplies.

Judith's Head - Dancing swords, tribal jewelry, scarves, custom costuming, choli tops, pantaloons, tassle belts, turkoman, ghawazee coats, and an art history lesson on Judith.

Marula's Middle Eastern - Promotes an event held October 25, 2000.

Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance) Costumes - Custom made dance costumes and performance videos from Festival on Nile in Orlando, Florida. USA.

Middle Eastern Dancing - Family entertainment. Videos- performance and instructional. TV series listings (International Fantasy), performance information, class registration information, lecture demonstration information featuring Jezebel. Jezebel, Tanya Liptak has been dancing veil, zill, cane, candles, sword, and floorwork since 1989. Available for all social functions large or small.

Nahari Silk Veils - Belly dance silk veils, shawls, sarongs, scarfs. 60 colors to choose from.

Nature's Gems - Belly Dance and Renaissance Costuming Materials

The Oasis Dance Company - Sells professional dance costumes, everyday wear, ethnic instruments, books, music, and video.

Pink Gypsy Belly Dance Supplies - Sells bellydance instructional videos, middle eastern music, costumes, CDs, cassettes, tapes. Offers free web pages for Southern California belly dancers, lists events, musicians and bellydancers for hire.

Renee's Magical Belly Dancing and Videos - Advertises teaching videos available from Renee on the Central Coast of Australia.

Saroyan Mastercrafts - Manufacturer of finger cymbals, costume coins and music CDs.

Scheherezade Imports - Information about a retail/wholesale importer of middle eastern dance (belly dance) supplies, including: costumes, jewelry, traditional clothing, music, musical instruments, videos, and books.

Senitza's Designs - Importer of Middle Eastern Belly Dancing costumes located in Vancouver, Canada

Shems - Rebecca's page of silk veils, bellydance and fun in Salt Lake City, Utah. USA

Topkapi Designs - Online catalog of belly dance costumes available from Topkapi Designs, based in New York.

Turquoise International - Turquoise International - Manufacturers of finger cymbals since 1972. Importers and exporters of Middle Eastern dance wear.

Two Old Bags - The place to find information on Wiggles of the West Dance Contest, Wiggle Hips magazine, & workshops sponsored by the Two Old Bags in Reno, Nevada.

Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies - Tells how to request a catalog.

Zaghareet's Boutique - Belly dance supplies: videos, music, costuming, books, accessories, finger cymbals (zils).

Zara Aquilal Middle Eastern Dance Page - Where the Middle East meets the frozen North! Site promotes classes and costume items by Terri Massa.


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