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Affordable Adornments - Offering assorted decorated t-shirts and sweatshirts.

AJ's Tees - Assorted fashion shirts.

Alien Technology - A selection of Roswell and grey alien designs.

All Fract Up - Fractal art shirts. - A selection of shirts, organised by category.

American Flag Wear - American WWII propaganda posters on shirts.

American Youth Enterprise - Youth oriented original designs.

A and E designs. - A huge range of shirts mainly focused on vehicles, dinosaurs, sharks, and the Three Stooges.

AndyG - Apparel combining modern art with holistic/spiritual, social, and environmental issues.

Animation Arthouse - Original fantasy artwork by Lisa Konrad.

Awesome Unusuals - Hand worked swirly pattern shirts.

Batik Shirt Shop - Original Celtic inspired batik designs.

Battenburg Lace Shirts - Battenburg lace applied to t-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, tuxedo and denim shirts.

Be Love Clothing Company - Shirts with a shining heart on the front.

13 beyond - Original shirts, digital art and urban designs.

Big D Design's - Offering assorted shirts, surfing and computers among others. - Designs featuring lowriders, street racing, and Dragonball Z. - Artistic images along with wildlife and flag designs. - Shirts with music, animal, rock and roll and sports themes.

Bogus T-Shirts - T-shirts related to a variety of topics.

Boogiedown Designs - Designs themed around 1980s video games, as well as graphic art for clubbers. - A collection of custom t-shirt designs.

BuzWear - Graphically designed apparel, from retro to custom.

Camtech - Several types of iron-on heat transfer t-shirts.

Caricature Store - Celebrity caricature shirts as well as custom caricatures.

Caro Mio Bambino - Crystal studded shirts for mothers, anad mothers to be.

Cee Jay's Tees - Thermal transfer shirts for the whole family.

CGS Co LiberTees - Original and amusing designs, exclusive to the web.

Chad's Boutique - Rare t-shirt brands and designs.

Chain Smoking Monkey - A collection of skate inspired designs, and a list of skateparks across the USA.

Chakra-Tees - Seven shirts corresponding to the seven chakras with original designs of herb and flowers.

Chaos By Design - Shirts designed by advertising people.

Cheers of Sedona - Red dirt shirts.

Chiron Creations - A variety of designs including humor and spiritual themes.

Chizod - Shirts with Chinese alphabet characters designed for women.

ChoiceShirts - Large selection of all kinds of shirts, organised in categories. - A collection of cult and cute designs, organised into categories.

Citizen 7 - Featuring subversive lifestyle graphics for anti-corporate, low-brow and urban music subcultures.

Class A Citizen - A range of designs to make you think, laugh, love, gurn, and hide when your mum comes round.

Coed Sportswear Inc. - Lifestyle statement imprinted shirts and sweatshirts. - Twisted, humourous, and superstar designs.

Continental Sportswear - Wholesale priced t-shirts made available to the public.

Cool Rags - Dedicated to selling hard to get shirts and caps.

Cosmosmith Creations - Original and popular designs on shirts.

Country T's - Offering a large selection of printed shirts.

CoZmiK T-shirts - Offering shirts from around the world.

Crazy - Offering assorted shirts.

CrimsonCat Online - Custom designed shirts for children and adults featuring animals, anime and mood shirts.

Cruisin Shirts - Original anime and kids designs.

custom t-shirt design - A selection of colourful designs, organised by category.

The Dance Kings - Shirts with designs for all kinds of ballroom dancing.

Dancin Creek Designs - Designs include animals, rodeo, Civil War, Confederate and cars.

Del Sol of Santa Rosa - T-shirts and other products that change color when exposed to sunlight.

7.62 Design - Thematic military and law enforcement t-shirts in adult and youth sizes.

Dharma Rose - Themes include tie-dye, classic rock, sportsl, animals and nature, Star Wars, and fantasy.

Die Trying Sportswear - Men's and women's shirts, tops and stickers.

Dink Clothing - Counter culture and generation X designs.

Dirt Divas - Clothing carrying the Dirt Diva logo.

Doodle Gear - Original t-shirt designs including an oriental dragon and the Yin and Yang drawn as fish.

The Doodle Shirt Company - A collection of original designs in the style of doodles.

Dreamers T-shirts and Caps - Selection of imprinted t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts.

Dreamware Design - An unusual collection mixing military, video game, and cute designs.

DuBray Designs - Animal, environmental, zodiac, and extreme sports designs.

Duffield Enterprises - Designs made from gold and silver nail heads.

Dum, Inc. - Shirts featuring the Dum character.

Earl Y-Designs - Designs of petroglyphs or Native Rock Art found along the Colorado and Green River drainages.

Earth Shirts - Tee shirts imprinted in a variety of wholesome designs using bright, ecologically safe and solvent-free inks.

Enet - Offering copies of the shirt Bluto wore in the classic movie Animal House.

e-tee Schoolware - Math and computer T-shirts in English, Spanish, and American sign language.

eTeee - Men's and Women's Shirts featuring small designs.

Evha Creation - Offers printed t-shirts with environmental designs and poetry.

Fashion Victim - Art and statement t-shirts including Bettie Page, High Times, Anime, Comics, Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

Fiddlebones T-shirt Co. - Original designs from linoblock prints, musical and skeletal images.

404Fidelity - Hip shirts for the digital generation.

FilmFunWear - Shirts with film slogans.

Fine Clothing - Unique teen t-shirts and accessories. Catalog, how to order, and contests.

Fish Pie - Original t-shirts with scuba, animal, fish, and retro themes.

FocusWear - Visual arts on color tees.

Freeballer Crappy Clothing - T-shirts making fun of Napster and Frisbee players.

Frontal Lobotomy - Extreme sports and extreme attitude shirts.

Fun Tees - Various humorous and statement shirts.

Funker - Alternative, graphic shirts.

Funzo Store - A large collection of designs, organized by category.

FusionTees - Unique shirt designs based on movie posters, pulp paperbacks, antique woodcuts and genre humor.

GAMEtees - Fantasy, role playing and adventure game shirts.

69-Gear - Shirts carrying the 69 gear logos and slogans.

Gingerbread Gifts - A myriad of designs for all the family.

Glam Power - Women's glamour apparel and novelty items for the diva inside all women.

Glitterheadz - Glitter and rhinestone fashions for girls.

Going Postal! - Places images from postage stamps onto shirts.

Goose Gear - Designs featuring the Goose Gear logo and a slogan.

Gordon Brothers Online Shirt Shack - A collection of shirts ranging from dogs to music.

Grave Images - Shirts with gravestone, gargoyle, celtic, skull, and skeleton designs.

1 Great Shirt - Close-out and discontinued shirts.

Green Horse Productions - A variety of limited edition prints and trendy t-shirt designs.

Greens and Things Herbalwear - Herbal T-shirts with custom artwork from actual pressed herb designs.

Grooveworks - Combines music and T-shirt art. African American, Native American, cultural and political themes.

Haining Bierte Knitting Co.,Ltd. - T-shirts and sportswear with materials of pure cotton.

Half-Round - Representing ill poetry, drum and bass, and skateboarding on crack.

HeadShopTees.Com - Shirts covering sex and drugs and rock and roll.

Hippowear - Shirts with the Hipporay logo.

Hobocorp - Urban style T-shirts.

Hotspur Ink. - Offers Shakespearean themed shirts and tote bags. Includes mailing list and links.

Hubble T Shirt - Shirts featuring images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

I Prefer Strangers - A glow in the dark design with "I prefer strangers" on the front.

Idesign Co. - Rally, can collector, and web related shirts.

Illusions By Design - Dragon, Celtic, Fantasy and Native American collectables.

Indiancreek Enterprises - Dog and cat, native American, and wildlife shirts.

Infini-Tees - Producing hand-illustrated planet and space themed shirts.

Ish Wear - Online catalog displays shirts with inspirational designs and lyrics relating to all matters of life in Hip-Hop style.

iWE - T-shirts and hooded shirts for men and women. Also includes hats.

J B Activewear - Shirts carrying the June Bug logo.

Jack the Lads - Tribal designs and custom lettering on t-shirts.

JenkinsNet - US, roller coaster, and street sign designs.

Jerm-Y Designs - Original designs in indie, punk, and underground styles.

Jim Morris - Printed and embroidered environmental and wildlife designs.

Jimi's Cyberstore - Shirts with the likenesses of Superman, Elvis, The Beatles, and the Monkees.

John LoBoi Productions - Tell people what you really think with these shirts with an attitude.

JoyousTShirts.Com - Slogan shirts using those vintage fuzzy letters from the seventies.

Just Pictures - Shirts featuring original artwork with subjects including humor, outdoors and wildlife.

Kanji-T - Shirts with Kanji characters on the front and the English translation on the back.

Keys Tees - Art t-shirts with tropical designs made in Key West, Florida and sold at Sunset Celebration.

Kitty Keller - Original designs with a focus on the state of Texas, and critters and varmints.

Kobra-la - Gothic hippy artwork. [requires Flash] - TV, movie, music and American shirts. - Cute designs for gals.

Liberty Graphics - Designs of the natural world printed with water-based inks for a softer feel and a cleaner environment.

LoGear - Lowrider and Mardi Gras shirts.

Lorilei's Boutique - The hub for a variety of original artwork stores all run by the same artist. - Original designs that you won't find anywhere else.

Maggie O'Shaughnessy's Fashions - Southwest, USA T-shirts from Sabaku.

Maglificio Ba-Ma's - Offering printed, embroidered, and stone washed shirts for men, women, and children.

Marc'et Novel-Tees - Seachable collection of shirts covering a wide range of themes. - A collection of amusing monster designs.

MathImage - Designs featuring mathematical images and expressions.

Mental Peace - Unique designs inspired by many cultures.

Middle Finger Gear - A celebration of the middle finger.

Miro Classics Inc. - T-shirts and sportswear, including Tye Dye shirts.

Monkey Merchandise Catalog - Shirts, hats and stickers.

Monolith Graphics - Vampires, Dracula and Nosferatu, are among the subjects offered on T-shirts.

Morija - A UK wholesaler that sells direct to the public.

MrSportswear - Men's, women's, and children's shirts in regular and plus sizes.

Mule Trade - Underground, modern, skate, surf, tattoo, and art designs.

My Dog Murphy's Patriotic T-shirts - American history and patriotic images printed on shirts, mugs, and mousepads.

My - Offers wrestling, American football, Britney Spears, and Star Wars shirts.

Mystic Promotions - Shirts carrying original drawings on a variety of themes.

Native American T-shirt - A popular Native American North West coast design.

Naturally Dirty Clothing - Branded designs for boys and girls.

New York City T-shirts - T-Shirts with all neighborhoods of all the boroughs for current and ex-New Yorkers.

Night Creatures - Designs featuring role playing gamer philosophy.

No Drama! Apparel Co. - Shirts with the No Drama! logo.

No Regrets USA - A mixture of skydiving, skating, rodeo and Christian shirts.

Number 1 Issue - Shirts with pop-culture and comic book themes.

NUYO Clothing Co. - Urban inspired t-shirts.

Opto T-Shirts - Original slogan shirts designed and sold by site designer.

Out of the Blue - Quirky fitted tops, tees, hoodies and accessories with fun animal, cakes and fruity designs.

Paws Down - The makers of Kitty Porn branded clothing.

Phat Pimp Clothing Co. - An underground clothing line for those who appreciate pimp style.

Phunk Brand Streetwear - Hats and shirts with the Phunk logo and design.

Pic Quick Studio - tshirt designs in a wide range of subjects including Welsh and oriental dragons, cute critters and Gary Daniels licensed merchandise.

Pokesmot Wear - Shirts for smokers, with the Pokesmot logo.

Pyro Novelties - Everything but the fireworks. T-shirts, hats, jackets, posters, stickers for the fireworks lover.

qrstuvr - Surreal and fantasy designs.

Q*tees - Retro-modern futuristic-inspired girlie designs.

Rainbow Outfitters - Tie dye t-shirts, NFL, NHL, college, Grateful Dead, nature and fantasy.

Rasta Surfgear - Rasta clothing with a jamaican style reggae look.

Raveshirts - T-Shirts for people in to the rave scene and electronic music. Plur baby plur.

Room 13 - Demonic designed gutterwear for a world of hurt.

Rotem Gear Shop - Original art and intelligent humor, with graffiti, vegetarian/environmental, japanese food, and jewish themes.

Rotten Cotton Graphics - Sleasy twisted designs based on horror and exploitation films.

Sandi's T's - Hand-crafted embroidery and patchwork designs.

Sanitation Clothing - T-shirts, sweats and hats inspired by public service workers.

Santosha Serenity Wear Chakra T-Shirts - Designer shirts created to increase awareness of the chakra system.

Schlemp's Shirts - Airbrushed shirts with a variety of themes.

Screen Paraphenalia - Selection of film shirts, ranging from classic to contemporary.

The Secondhand Stuff Company - Shirts 'formerly worn by' famous people.

Seen It, Done It, Bought The T-Shirt - A range of statement shirts.

Severed Threads - A variety of different head designs.

Shibbywear - Shirts for funky, punky girls who like to wear something a bit different and original.

ShiftShirts - Trendy, original shirts, designed by a graphic artist.

Shirt Mall - Many designs on tshirts and sweatshirts.

Shirt Search - Hundreds of designs, organised by category.

ShirtsforU - A collection of whimsical and American themed shirts, organised by category.

Silly Yak Shirt - Shirts that spread the word about Celiac disease with 100% gluten free items.

Skeletees - Highly detailed skeleton and muscle shirts, by medical illustrator and MD Leslie Arwin.

Skin Rip Clothing Co. - Hand drawn biker, gothic and tattoo based designs.

SkinniesOnline - A collection of tight-fit band, attitude, and cute design shirts.

Smiling Yak - Original designs for animal and music lovers, hobbyists and various occupations.

Smoggy Mountain - Lounge Family shirts made by Joji Okazaki.

Sparra Tease - Graphic art designs with music and wrestling themes.

Spiraldirect - T-shirts offered in assorted styles.

Sporty's Place - Offers crystal and rhinestone embellished shirts.

SSJ T-shirts and Sweatshirts - All kinds of shirt designs, from automobiles to wolves.

Starbuck Textile Design - Designs featuring fighter aircraft and baseball motifs.

Starfire Graphics - T-shirts and sweatshirts with designs such as dogs, horses, motorcycles and classic cars. - Shirts with sport, music, comedy, political and movie themes.

Sticks by Stone - Designs depicting stick figures in various situations.

Street Life Authentic - Original designed sportswear, shirts, caps, and long t's.

Studs n' Stones - Women's shirts with rhinestones and metal studs.

Suburbanwear - Outfitting the urban underground with tshirts; UK based clothing label influenced by Hip Hop, skating and streetculture.

Surf Worn Hawaii - Designs made for surfers by surfers.

Teddy & Friends Gift Shoppe - Cute Teddy Bear designs on shirts and shorts.

Teddy Bear Eliot - Cute, humorous and funny Teddy Bear designs.

Tee Shirt Design Gallery - Distributes silkscreened t-shirts with motifs including the zodiac, Celtic art, and humor.

Tee Shirts 4U - Jazz music and Scottish clan crest designs. - Various design categories, with links to other sites of interest. - Overpriced trendy t-shirts for rich teenagers, or just anyone having a midlife crisis. - Collections of designs inspired by New York, music, sport, and animals.

Tees Plus - Authorized licensee of D.A.R.E Merchandise used to help resist drug abuse; McGruff, PAL, Choose Your Weapon, Special Olympics.

Teezers - A selection of lifestyle and humorous shirts.

Teezone - A collection of British TV and music themed shirts.

Teezz - Wide range of printed t-shirts including cats, dogs, tigers, other wild animals, floral, garden, bikers and humourous; special requests.

Teruo - Shirts with the Teruo logo.

TFunk - Unique retro designs for funky people.

T-Gallery Online - Many tshirts in many categories. - A collection of shirts submitted and rated by the public.

Thumbs Up - Motivational designs intended to inspire the wearer.

Tocsik - A collection of toxic and attention grabbing shirts.

Toltec Originals - Toltec branded shirts.

Touch Clothing - Shirts with the Touch logo.

Trans-Shirts - Imprinted tee-shirts by French designers.

Tribal-Sol - Designs inspired by Celtic and tribal art.

Tropicworld - Bar shirts, diving shirts, and drink shirts with a tropical theme.

T-Shirt Connection - A large selection of designs organised by category.

T-Shirt Countdown - Offers a searchable directory of t-shirts, ranked by user popularity.

T-Shirt Express - Academic themed orginal art designs by Barry Gray of Friendswood, Texas.

T-Shirt Giant - A large selection of shirt designs sorted by category.

T-Shirt King - A huge selection of shirts, organised by category and searchable.

Tshirt Shack - A selection of shirts on several different themes. - Music, manga, and famous designs.

T-shirts by Craven Moorehed - The only place to buy official Craven Moorehed merchandise.

T-Shirts Direct - Offers an assortment of tee shirt designs.

T-Shirts Galore - Full color printed t-shirt designs in a variety of themes, including aquatic, animals, infants, rodeo and flowers.

T-shirts, Mugs, and Mousepads! - Shirts featuring cats, dogs, and angels.

T-Shirts Plus - Designs feature animals, wildlife, sports, kids, teens, humor, aquatic, horses, Native American, and professions.

T-Shirts Rattlesnake-Vienna - T-Shirts from music (punk to alternative), fun, blunt, attitude to aliens.

T-Shirts Shop - Designs feature music, comics, anime, and humor.

T-shirts With a Personal Touch - Whimsical, family, and Christian designs. - A massive selection of printed and blank T-shirts plus the ability to have your own design printed. - A select range of original retro t-shirts.

Twisted Generation - Designer shirts inspired by the UK's vibrant club and street scenes.

Uniquely You Designs - Cowboy wisdom, rodeo, souvenir and hunting.

Uniquely You, Inc. - A huge range of family designs.

Unity Wear - A selection of shirts bearing the Unity Wear logos.

Up Your - Novelty shirts for everyone. Conservative and edgy designs.

Varsity Shop - Shirts with college names across the front, in the college's colors.

Velocitees - Shirts designed for astronomy enthusiasts.

Villin - Selling clothing carrying the Villin logo.

The Walker Project - Mens and womens shirts, as well as other items of apparel.

Wanderlust - Shion Bug T-Shirts and Apparel.

24/7 Wear - Active Wear for an alternative active lifestyle.

Wolf Shop - A collection of shirts featuring wolves, eagles, wildlife, and native American Indian images.

World of Gifts - A selection of Christian and country shirts.

The World of Lief - Erotic nightmare and fantasy artwork.

World of Wassco - Unspeakable splendor available now, thanks to illustrator Chip Wass.

World Order T-Shirts - Rock, wrestling, and vehicle shirts.

420worldwide - Shirts carrying the Generation 420 logo.

Xochico - Shirts bearing designs based on Loteria de Don Clemente, Inc.

XOR Logicwear - Cyber, computer humor and fantasy themes.

Yellow Dog - Yellow Dog shirts.

Zoo Cybergear - Original net-oriented designs.



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