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Bananashoes - Sells high heel sandals, mules, pumps, platforms, fetish heels and pvc dresses. (Rotherham, United Kingdom) - Offering a selection of boots, platforms and stilettos, lingerie, clothing and accessories. (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Beverly Heels - Featuring high heels and boots. Offers a map and a FAQ. (Hollywood, California, USA)

Blicker-Schuhe - Offering high heels, boots, stilettos and platforms up to size 15, men's shoes, accessories and stockings. Catalogue with company history and season preview. (Hamburg, Germany)

Brazilian Orchid - Offers custom made leather stiletto pumps, mules and sandals. Details of the shoeproduction are presented. (Brazil)

C. Liebold + F. Lehmann GbR - Selection of pumps, sandals mules and boots. Second hand shoes are available. (Wiesbaden, Germany)

Classic Pumps - Specializes in Spanish leather high heels revealing toe cleavage in sizes 3.5-12. Customer gallery and FAQ. (DeKalb, Illinois, USA)

Dazzling Heels - Offers a wide variety of high heel boots and shoes and illustrates the different materials. (Oakland, California, USA)

Dealy Express, Inc. - Selection of thigh high and crotch boots in sizes up to 16. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

Dressed2Play - Provides high shoes, boots and platforms as well as lingerie and sexy costumes. (Tustin, California, USA)

Electrique Boutique - Selection of stilettos, platform shoes and boots, swimwear, hosiery and costumes. Large shoe sizes, custom orders and store locations available. (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Eleven East Co. - Selection of sandals, platforms, pumps and boots. Sizes up to 14. [National shipping] (Akron, Ohio, USA)

Extravaganza e.K. - Featuring heels, platforms, boots and stockings. Large sizes and a foot mesure stencil, pdf-file, are available.(Meerbusch, Germany)

Extrem Zapatos - Fetish style high heels, spikey heels, sandals and boots. (Mijas Costa-La Cala, Spain)

Farrah Long - US-made platform shoes; sandals, mules and thigh-high boots. [US shipping]

Foot Fetish Inc. - Features exclusive stilettos, wedges, boots and casual men's footwear. Driving directions are provided. (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Foxy footwear - Features stilettos, boots and platform sandals. Online catalogue with customer gallery. (Penley, United Kingdom)

FunkeFeet Footwear - Offering stiletto and platform shoes and boots as well as mary janes and creepers for women and men. (Slingerlands, New York, USA)

Hexpress Ltd. - Selling boots, shoes and basques. (Barton-upon-Humber, Great Britain)

Hypathia Shoes - The store offers fetish and stilleto shoes and boots. Sizes 5-14, order via e-mail, guestbook. (Vancouver, Canada)

Icon Shoes - Supplier for shoes and boots with stilettos and a small selection of coats. (Feltham, Great Britain)

Italian Heels - Offering sandals, platforms, boots and mules. (Genova, Italy)

Jante Shoes - Featuring footwear with stiletto heels or platforms and lingerie.

Karo Shoes Inc. - Provides platform sandals and stiletto shoes as well as fetish booties. (Glendale, California, USA)

La Piazza - Retails high heels, boots and sandals. The catalogue can be ordered on video tape. (Hilden, Germany)

La Tienda Shoe Salon Ltd. - Specializing in stiletto heel shoes and boots. Order via e-mail possible. (Vancouver, Canada)

Lisa's Shoes - Platforms, heels, pumps and boots. Large sizes available. (Bakersfield, California, USA)

Maya Shoes - The manufacturer offers platform sandals, mules and boots. (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Papikian Enterprises - Offering heels, pumps, thigh-hi boots and sandals. Wholesale is possible. (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Pehrssons Skohus - Featuring stiletto and platform shoes and boots for women as well as cowboy boots for men. (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Pennangalan Dreams - Provides gothic and fetish shoes and boots with platforms or stiletto heels. (Slough, United Kingdom)

Punitive Shoes - Handmade ballet and fetish shoes, also with horse iron, and boots. A gallery is provided. (Genova, Italy)

Qualifetish - Custom made fetish ballet heels and boots. The online catalogue offers to tour the factory. (Montréal, Canada)

Ryalex Inc. - Selection of platform shoes, high heels, sandals and boots as well as gothic boots for women and men. Company history provided. [Shipping to USA and Canada] (Webster, New York, USA)

Sexy Hi Heels - Selection of heels, boots and funky shoes. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Sexy Shoe - Wide selection of women's shoes as platform, mule, and pump styles and a variety of boots. (Bakersfield, California, USA)

2 Sexy shoes - Selection of women's pumps, platforms, slip ons and boots. Height of heels up to seven inches. (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Sexy Shoes and Stockings - Offers a selection of heels, platforms, boots and legwear. (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)

SFI Fashion Intl. - Offering sandals, mules, platforms and boots via order form. (Oensingen, Switzerland)

Shoe Fetish - Offers stiletto heeled pumps, sandals and boots and handbags. The online catalogue provides a season preview and a customer gallery. (Cansas City, Missouri, USA)

The Shoe Palace - Shoes and boots in sizes up to 15, casual footwear for women and men and clubwear are available. (Vermillion, South Dakota, USA)

Shoes and Stockings - Stilettos, platforms and boots as well as lingerie, hosiery and clothing. Offers wholesale.(Neston, Great Britain) - Handmade boots, platforms, sandals and heels. Offering wholesale, FAQ, color chart and testimonials. (North Hollywood, California, USA)

Shooz n' Things - Offering platforms and stiletto shoes. Online catalogue features shopping by size or height of heel. (Floral Park, New York, USA)

Silhouette Schoenen BV - Offers high heels, stilettos, and platform mules, sandals and boots. Online catalogue featuring shopping by colour and events calendar. (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Sinsuality - Specializing in platforms, boots and heels from different manufacturers. (Plano, Texas, USA)

Sound and Vision - Pumps, platforms, boots and shoes as well as lingerie and latex clothes are presented. (Wanne-Eickel, Germany)

Spiked Interest - Offering pumps, boots, platforms, lingerie and hosiery. (Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA)

Stiletto - Features high heeled shoes and boots. Order via e-mail or telephone. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Stiletto Shoes, Inc. - Features stiletto sandals, boots, shoes and platforms. (New York, New York, USA)

Stilettos - Specializes in pumps, platform boots, thigh highs and stiletto sandals. Online catalogue provides galleries and a company history. (Petersburg, Virginia, USA)

Tease Him - Featuring stilettos, platform shoes and boots and bikini shaver. (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Ultimate Footwear - High heels, platforms and fetish footwear in sizes 3-12. Online catalogue features a store locator. (Chelmsford, United Kingdom)

Ultimate Shoes - Platform and stiletto shoes and boots up to size 15 as well as street and clubwear. Online catalogue features the company history. (Norwich, United Kingdom)

Veronica's High Heel Palace - Featuring high heeled pumps, mules, boots and platforms. Search by sizes or mood is possible. (Neuchatel, Switzerland)

Zoccoli - Offering heels and platforms made of cork, wood, acryl or leather. (Nuernberg, Germany)



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